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1/2" x 120" Cincinnati Plate Shear
This is a awesome machine.
It is capable of shearing 20ga. sheet material up to 1/2" plate material x 120" long.
It has a precision backstop that allows fast processing of Sheets & plates.

175 Ton Cincinnati Press Brake
This machine is capable of bending / shaping materials up to 1/4" plate.
Our skilled operators along with the Hurco { CNC } back gauge allows precise forming of these materials. 

Press brake dies
This selection of Tooling allows forming of materials 20ga. sheet up to 1/4" plate x 120"
Some 3/8" & 1/2" material in shorter lengths.

4' x 4' Plasma cam

Hyd-Mech V-18 Band Saw

100 Ton Scotchman Iron Worker

1/4" x 120" Plate Shear

Drill Press

1/4" x 96" Plate Roll

Burn Table

6000# Toyota Fork Lift

7000# Cat Forklift

Delivery Truck

Fab Shop